Brett Ratten talks openly about the death of his son Cooper in a tragic car accident five years ago. Brett talks about the support he has received from his workplaces and his friends. He discusses the importance of the ongoing support and how St.Kilda FC  provided a very special moment earlier this year. Brett offers his advice to people who are grieving and talks about how the little things can make such a big difference.

‘we have to keep moving even at a slow pace’ – Brett Ratten

Time pieces

9.10 – 9.50 when the initial event of a death happens the support is amazing as there is so many people there but it then becomes a ripple affect for every day for every hour for every week and month – the gap opens up and the support network is less and for some people right , wrong or indifferent they feel uncomfortable to talk about it.

12.44  – Brett discusses people asking about ‘how you are’ can really help with the process of moving forward.

26.50 – 27.45 – St Kilda FC a workplace who clearly understand the importance of support – even after 5 years.

29.14 – 31.50 – Brett offers his thoughts on how to support someone grieving.